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Gemiler Beach
Gemiler, unspoilt, selcluded, stunning scenery
Gemiler bay is an unspoilt beach that lies past the ghost town of Kayaköy.  It is accessible either by road or by boat and is rarely overcrowded.  Surrounded by pine and olive trees, the beach overlooks St Nicholas Island and fishing boats can often be seen.  This small pebbly/sandy beach offers a couple of restaurants where a B.B.Q and a few Efes can be served.  Just a short bus ride from the resort of Hisaronu, Gemiler beach is an ideal spot to get away from some over the overpopulated beaches.   You can also reach this secluded bay by foot.  A beautiful walk takes you from Kayakoy, through the pine scented forest to Gemiler, perhaps stopping on route to observe the ruins of the abandoned Af Kule monastery dating back to the byzantine times.  This picturesque cove is certainly worth a visit!


Butterfly Valley
Fluttering butterflies, waterfalls and tranquility
This stunning valley is placed between two cliffs and offers some spectacular views.  Named Butterfly valley for the rare butterflies that can be found here, a waterfall lies at the tip of the valley, a 1km walk from the entrance of the valley.   The canyon is now a protected wildlife sanctuary and has over 25 different species of butterfly.  Butterfly is really only accessible by boat, the boat leaves the beach Oludeniz hourly during the season as is approx a 30 minute crossing and inexpensive.  The other route to get to the valley is by trekking down through the cliffs from the top of the mountain, however this is not for the unfit as is a difficult trek so for most the easiest way is by boat.  Butterfly valley hosts a small camp site with tents and bungalows (small wooden huts) – and are very popular with travelers and backpackers.  Butterfly valley is really not one to miss – visit this extraordinary coastal beauty …



Charming, unspoilt, traditional
Kalkan, once a tiny fishing village is now a bustling yet unspoilt resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey.   This enchanting resort boasts many a rooftop restaurant where one can enjoy al fresco eating whilst admiring the stunning view over her Mediterranean seas.   Kalkan enjoys some beautiful architecture with narrow winding streets bordered with whitewashed villas draped in beautiful bougainvillea.
Kalkan has a special charm and because of this has a growing number of visitors each year and has been likened to the ‘Italian Riviera’, with its sophisticated and historic harbour sheltered by the Taurus Mountains.   The harbour front provides some wonderful restaurants where some local delicacies and daily fresh fish can be enjoyed.  The nightlife in Kalkan is more subtle than some of its neighbouring resorts, and a chilled out and pleasant ambiance can be enjoyed. 
Kalkan offers a pebble beach that overlooks the azure waters of the Med, however also has some beach clubs where sunbathing and swimming can be enjoyed.   These beach clubs dotted along the bay have paved platforms with ladders down into the sea and provide sun beds and umbrellas. For a Sandier beach the nearby beaches of Kaputas and Patara are only a short bus ride away.   Kaputus beach is a beautiful cove nestled at the bottom of a remarkable gorge and is only a 10 minute bus journey from Kalkan. You may find this cove pictured in many a holiday brochure, with its stunning turquoise waters and fabulous scenery.  Patata beach is a little further afield; with its gorgeous 12km sandy beach is part of a national park. Patara was once a very important Lycian Port and many ruins can still be found here adjourning the beach area.  The beach is also home to the endangered species, the loggerhead turtle so is closed after sunset.
Kalkans winding cobbled back streets are lined with some colorful shops selling wares from the traditional souvenirs to some elegant silver and gold shops.  Unlike other resorts and towns shopping in Kalkan is relatively hassle free and a many of an evening can be spent browsing and purchasing goods in the specialty shops.  Some unusual buys include the many items of hand blown glass and decoratively hand crafted pipes and souvenirs that the quaint shops have to offer or perhaps a hand woven kilim, a traditional Turkish hand-woven rug.  Shops are open all day and well into the night.  After sunset Kalkan becomes alive and bustles with activity with much to do; al fresco dining, sipping cocktails whist seeping up the delicious vista, strolling its cobbled backstreets and generally enjoying the ambience. 
The ancient cities of Letoon, Tlos, Xanthos and Patara are all nearby and offer some spectacular site seeing.
Renowned for all of its rooftop restaurants and bars, this quaint and once tiny fishing village sees many returning guests and even though it has grown significantly over the years keeps its unique ambiance and sophisticated feel.   With its welcoming hospitality Kalkan has managed to maintain its historical and cultural roots and with its picturesque panorama is beyond doubt one to visit.


Cosmopolitan, cultural, charming…
The harbour resort of Kaş is situated just a 25 minute drive from Kalkan and has a dramatic rocky coastline with a superb sense of history.  Kaş translates to ‘Eyebrow’ in Turkish and is evident in the curved bay that spills into the sea.
Ruins that are speckled throughout the town spill onto cobbled back streets lined by colourful shops & international restaurants, cafes and bars.  The Kaş peninsula is built on the ancient city of Antiphellos and offers many opportunities for discovering the abundance of Lycian sites the area has to offer.
Kaş is also ideal for outdoor sports and water sports and one can try paragliding, canyoning, scuba diving, kayaking and trekking. Boat trips are also a popular way to explore and enjoy the peninsula.  The sunken city of Kekova can also be enjoyed through glass bottom boats that leave regularly from Kaş harbour.  Across the Kaş waters to the south lies the small Greek Island of Meis, and can be visited by a daily boat trip.
Kaş has a wealth of shops & boutiques that offer wares such as gold & silver, original clothing and leather goods.   As well as hand painted pottery stalls Kaş has some up market galleries selling artwork from local artists and some quaint shops selling antiques.  The weekly market is held on Fridays and is frequented by visitors searching for a bargain as well as the locals shopping for fresh produce.
The harbor of Kaş is the real focal point of the town where some wonderful restaurants and cafes line the front.   The postcard pretty narrow streets of Kaş are scented with Jasmine and lead up to a 300 year old sarcophagus.  Other sites of Kaş of days gone by include a small but intact Hellenistic theatre, a popular spot for wrestling!
Steeped in culture Kaş has an old-fashioned charm where one can benefit from the local sites the area has to offer and Kaş, simply put, will take your breath away.

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