Kayakoy Nature

Nature of Kayaköy
The vegetation of Kayakoy has classic traits of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, with its rich vegetation and natural flora and fauna.

The climate of Kayaköy has hot, dry summers  with the warmest month of the year being July with an average temperature of 25.7 and rainy winters, therefore giving this valley its rich and green plantation. 

The best month to see the natural flora & fauna is May when the valley becomes alive with colourful blossoming flowers, many wildflowers are stunning and best in late winter and spring.  The abundance of blossoming flowers is vivid in the valley at this time with quince, pear, almonds and apple trees in blossom to name but a few.  Both Fig and pomegranate are in abundance in Kaya but later in the summer when also a wealth of natural grown and organic vegetable products and crops can be seen.

The area is also rich with wildlife and many species of butterflies can be seen, especially during the month of June.  Other wildlife that occupies the valley is many tortoises, hedgehogs, lizards, porcupine and perhaps even a wild boar may be spotted.

The more common species of bird that can be seen here include the collared dove, the red-rumped swallow, blackbirds and Jays and the house sparrow. 

Other species but less often seen can include the crested lark, Ruppels Warbler, Alpine Swifts, Turtle Dove and the Black eared Wheatear.  Other species can also be found so bird watching can be an enjoyable past time in Kayaköy.

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